Saturday, February 25, 2017

Temptation by Nora Roberts

Temptation by Nora Roberts - 256 pages

Eden never expected to spend the summer working at  a girls' summer camp.  Her life was like a fairy tale complete with doting, rich father and handsome fiancee.  But that was before her father's death -- before she lost all her money in some bad investment deals.  Now she's working with her best friend to try to start a summer camp for girls while rebuilding her life.  This isn't made any easier by the rude neighbor next door - Chase . . .

This is one of Nora Roberts early paperback romances that I found on audio to listen to in the car.  You can definitely tell it was written in the early 80s.  There is no mention of technology and the views of men and women's relationships is very outdated.  I wasn't very impressed with this early effort by Nora Roberts as it didn't age well at all.

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