The Rules

  1. The contest counts books read in 2012 only.
  2. To get credit for reading a book, you must post an entry about your book on this blog. Entry must include: Name, Title, Author, # of pages, short summary.  Books can be print, unabridged audio, graphic novels, etc.
  3. Tagging is very important.  Please include relevant tags on your post such as your screen name, age level, genre, awards won...  Also, please include cover art if possible.
  4. A prize will be given each month to the person who reads the most pages.  Any book will count -- picture books, kids books, teen books, adult books with so many pages you can't hold the book open . . . (Get audiobook page totals from the iBistro book record.)
  5. The branch that reads the most pages each month will proudly house the JCL Reads Trophy for the next month.  
Email Meredith McCarthy at the Arnold Branch if you would like to be added to the team!

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