Saturday, June 14, 2014

Jack and the Seven Deadly Giants by Sam Swope

Jack and the Seven Deadly Giants by Sam Swope, 100 pages

Jack is abandoned on the miller's step and from there his life is a never ending move from one home to another. His curiosity gets him into never-ending trouble and Jack ends up being labeled as a bad child. When he is blamed for seven deadly giants attacking villagers, the townspeople have him thrown out stating it's Jack's badness that brought the giants. Jack meets up with a fellow traveler who offers him a bean in exchange for food. The bean is magic and allows Jack one wish ... what he wishes most for is his mother, but gets a cow instead. As he travels along with the cow as his companion, he meets up with a variety of deadly giants. Jack's cleverness and curiosity leads him to out of dangerous situations until he finds his happy ending.

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