Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sweet Rein 2 by Sakura Tsukuba

Sweet Rein V. 2 by Sakura Tsukuba, 208 pages

Oh wow. An evil santa. The first book in the series was hysterical. This book is a little odd, and not just for the storyline this time. There is a Dark Santa out to separate Kurumi and Kaito from each other. He says he is there to test Kurumi.  When he severs the rein, Kurumi must mend it within 24 hours or she will never be a Santa again. It will take Kurumi's love and wits to mend it back together. The story is still cute with a few funny parts, though not as great as the first. I was thrown a little when a second manga was included in the book:  The Door To Eden is a separate, unrelated story.

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