Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Faerie Winter by Jannie Lee Simner

Faerie Winter by Jannie Lee Simner, 270 pages
Book 2 of the series

Liza is a summoner. In the first part of the series, she discovers this about herself and embarks on a journey to find her mother. This series picks up where the last left off. Liza's mom is recovering from her time in Faerie. The earth is going back to normal with trees, plants, etc. no longer seeking human blood and bone like they used to, but winter lingers and a famine is setting in. Fighting a famine is bad enough, but Liza then has to deal with a stranger in the village whose gift is fire. An accident sends Matthew, Liza's skinwalker friend, off to find Kaylen, who is a faerie and a healer. Liza's visions teach her more about the relationship between Kaylen and her mother ... and hints that their love sparked the original fight between man and faerie.

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