Saturday, January 21, 2017

Speaking American: A Visual Guide by Josh Katz

Speaking American: A Visual Guide by Josh Katz, 203 pages

Speaking American is a very entertaining and quick read about how the United States has different words or phrases depending on what region you live in.  For instance, I grew up in Chicago, and we said pop.  But, when I moved to Missouri I noticed people said soda. Or, in some regions people may say cola or Coke.  It is funny, but true. Or, who would think there is a difference between mowing the grass or cutting the grass or when we go grocery shopping, do we say we are putting our groceries in a shopping cart, grocery cart or buggy? Being from Chicago, I thought it was hilarious how you can tell someone is from Chicago, if they say, pop and gym shoes (instead of tennis shoes or sneakers).  It is also funny if you are from St. Louis, you say soda and outer roads (instead of frontage roads.)  The pictures and graphics are great in this book.  They were simple and great to use!  Speaking American was a very fun read!!  

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