Saturday, January 21, 2017

Marilyn Monroe: Unseen Archives by Marie Clayton

Marilyn Monroe: Unseen Archives Marie Clayton,  383 pages

This is the third Unseen Archives book I have read and the second one I have read by Marie Clayton.  I really enjoys these books.  I always enjoy a good biography, but these books are really nice because each chapter contains a summary of that particular time in their life and the pictures follow.  There were hundreds of pictures, many from her personal life, as well as many from her career. Marilyn Monroe had such a tragic life from the moment she was born, throughout her childhood and well through her adult life.  She lost many pregnancies and had a history of depression. Her life ended much to soon after her 36th birthday in 1962. The circumstances behind Marilyn's death have remained one of life's greatest mysteries.  She truly is an American icon.

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