Friday, September 25, 2015

Black Bird v.3 by Kanoko Sakurakoji – 200 pages

Black Bird v.3 by Kanoko Sakurakoji – 200 pages

Both Kyo and Misao begin to wonder what will happen to Misao after the wedding.  Will she be spirited away by the tengu?  Will she even survive?  A former rival for her hand, Kuzunoha, reappears and offers a look at the Senka Roku, a record of a bride-taking 300 years ago.  He offers to let Misao see it at his house, but such is a trap to get her for himself, and Kyo has to rush in to get her back.

Kuzunoha teams up with Shirohebi and her twin Kensuke to get rid of Kyo and win Misao.  The twin appears as a transfer student at school.  While he seems friendly, it’s all part of a plot.  Shirohebi tries to poison Kyo, but it has no effect, and Kyo cuts off Kuzunoha’s head.

Misao loves Kyo more than ever, but still the question remains, will she be spirited away and lose her family and friends if she marries him?  Black Bird has good pacing, with a buildup to one dramatic scene then another, usually two per volume, punctuated with humor and romance.

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