Friday, September 25, 2015

Black Bird v.4 by Kanoko Sakurakoji – 200 pages

Black Bird v.4 by Kanoko Sakurakoji – 200 pages

From reading the first half of the Senka Roku, it is discovered that a tengu and his human bride are able to get married and live a normal life together, but the end of the book and whatever secrets it may contain are still unknown.  Kuzunoha’s brother Tadanobu becomes leader of his clan, and he happens to be Kyo’s best friend.  However, if he wishes to claim Misao, the two friends will have to duel to the death, and Tadanobu will lose his human girlfriend.  They fight, but Misao steps in, warning Kyo that killing his best friend will be too great a burden to bear.  Tadanobu puts up enough of a fight to satisfy his clan’s honor, and Misao heals both their wounds with her blood.

Just when matters seem resolved, news comes that the Senka Roku has bee stolen.  Kyo learns from Tadanobu the secret of the book- if Misao gets pregnant, Kyo will have to choose between being leader of his demon clan, or becoming an ordinary man.  A good entry in the series with friendship tested by conflict, and an interesting twist at the end that puts Kyo in a position of as difficult a choice as Misao has faced.   

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