Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tactics, v. 7 & 8 by Sakura Kinoshita

Tactics, v.7 by Sakura Kinoshita - 192 pages
Tactics, v.8 by Sakura Kinoshita - 192 pages

These are the final two English volumes of Tactics.
Volume 7 has Kantarou, Youko, and Haruka traveling to a small town where there is an organization supposedly raising people from the dead.  What's really happening is that their spirits are being put inside dolls.  While there, Kantarou and Haruka get into an argument.
Volume 8 concludes the fight between Minimoto and Kantarou over the town.  It then starts to tell short stories featuring various yokai.
It's annoying that I can't get the final volumes as the preview of the next volume shows that it was going to reveal Haruka's back story.  I guess I won't find out how the series ended.

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