Thursday, December 4, 2014

While Mortals Sleep by Jack Cavanaugh

While Mortals Sleep by Jack Cavanaugh -- 384 pages

This story is set in Germany during the time leading up to World War II. While it gives us its share of politics and information that aid the story, this book is not about World War II.

Josef Schmacher is a young pastor who's heart is to nurture his church body, and a special part of his heart is burning for the young people in the church, the teenagers and youth who are growing up under the influence of the Hitler Youth.

When government starts clashing with belief and freedom, he must pick sides and do what he can to aid the furtherance of God's Kingdom instead of Hitler's. But doing so will threaten the health of him and his family.

This story is gripping and moving and exciting, as well as humorous in some places. I distinctly remember crying. It is a beautiful story.

This is the first of three books in the series, "Songs in the Night."

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