Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Darker Road by L.B. Graham

The Darker Road by L.B. Graham -- 496 pages

Kaden is the heir of the throne, but his family seems to be crumbling. His relationship with his wife is almost at zero, and his relationship with his son is rough and neglected. He has every good intention to repair his relationships, but his father Eirmon, the king, has little care beyond his own well being and the growth of his kingdom. While two important visitors have come to the kingdom, and the city is also being threatened by dark forces, Kaden is struggling to decide where his loyalties lie and how he can save both his family and his nation

The only books by L.B. Graham that I had previously read was the "Binding of the Blade" series, which I greatly enjoyed. This book carried the same style and technique as that series, but it seemed to me a little more grown up and less dream like, fantasy that isn't fantastical, though this book certainly includes magic.

This book is the beginning of the series, "The Wandering."

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