Thursday, December 4, 2014

His Watchful Eye by Jack Cavanaugh

His Watchful Eye by Jack Cavanaugh -- 384

The second book in the series "Songs in the Night", Josef is suffering from the treatment he received in the facility in book one (While Mortals Sleep), but the youth that he mentored and loved so much are now becoming older and finding their place in the German world.

Konrad is a model Hitler Youth, athletic as well as brutal, but as he begins to see the bloody truths that have been hidden so long, he fights an inward battle. On one side Germany, on the other Josef Schumacher and everything he has told him.

Jack Cavanaugh very beautifully portrays his characters in a gripping and heart-tugging way, and as Konrad sets out to change the world, my heart was going with him.

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