Monday, February 3, 2014

The She-Hulk Diaries, by Marta Acosta

The She-Hulk DiariesThe She-Hulk Diaries, by Marta Acosta , 328 pages
Imagine a person who enjoys "chick lit" (not a big fan of the term, but humor me); now imagine a person who enjoys superhero comic books.  Okay, if those were a Venn diagram, the people who occupy the portion where those overlap are the individuals who might enjoy this book.  Jennifer Walters is a successful lawyer, but she loses her jobs and apartments frequently due to her alter-ego, She-Hulk, who has a tendency to destroy things and not think long-term.  She's determined not to blow this new job, even though the love of her life has resurfaced, the Avengers have distanced themselves from her, and she still can't find a new apartment.  I found this kind of annoying and hard to get into at first, and then it grew on me and I couldn't stop reading it, like a piece of candy that isn't that great but every now and then has an interesting flavor.  P.S., this was all words, to all of those comic book haters out there.  

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