Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Bro Code by Barney Stinson

The Bro Code by Barney Stinson, 208 pages

Oh my gosh, two posts in one day? What's wrong with me?  Nothing, I took advantage of inclement weather conditions and read two books yesterday, and today I'm writing about them.

I've physically had my copy of the Bro Code for about a year now, but never actually sat down and read it.  For those of you who are unaware, the Bro Code is based off of the philosophies of the fictional character, Barney Stinson, from the t.v. show "How I Met Your Mother," and bears a striking resemblance to Neil Patrick Harris.  Anyway, the Bro Code is his book, and I read it.

Essentially, the code is a collection of laws that all "Bro's" should adhere to.  Everything, from being a wingman to being a bestman is covered.  The book is over the top and at times straight up ludicrous.  However, it was very entertaining.  I enjoyed it for what it was, an extension of a fictional character from a t.v. show that I'm fond of.  Fans of the show and comedy  will enjoy this book, as well as true "bro's," you know who you are...

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