Thursday, February 6, 2014

Parasyte, vol 1, by Hitoshi Iwaaki

Parasyte, Volume 1 Parasyte, vol 1, by Hitoshi Iwaaki, 288 pages
This was a pretty good piece of horror-sci-fi-alien-invasion-manga.  Shinichi is an average high schooler who has a crush on a girl and is preparing for exams.  But one night, aliens come to earth in the form of parasites that worm their way into the human brain, eat it, and turn the humans into cannibal-like drones.  One parasite attempts to get into Shinichi's brain, but winds up in Shinichi's right hand, instead.  Shinichi's hand soon becomes taken over by the parasite, but maybe they can learn from each other and stop the destruction of mankind by the other parasites.  This is definitely adult manga- some really graphic violence and some definite sexual undertones are present; but for fans of Battle Royale, or even DeathNote, this may appeal.  

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