Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Ultimate Man's Survival Guide by Frank Miniter

The Ultimate Man's Survival Guide by Frank Miniter, 287 pages

As a library worker, I really shouldn't judge books by their cover, but I cannot lie about this book.  I picked it up solely based on the title and the fact that there was a bear on the cover.  
Going into the book, I expected something along the lines of "The Worst Case Scenario Survival Guide" series, in that it would provide helpful tips but with an abundance of absurdity and comedy.  This book, however, was not like that, but not in a bad way.  Sure, it didn't meet my initial expectations (although it did teach me how to escape a bear attack), it was still entertaining.  The book had humor, advice, and profiles of manly people.  The author and I have many similar viewpoints, but when we disagreed it was done in a manner that was objective and non preachy.  All in all, the book entertained me, while also providing insight to philosophies and mannerisms that I may have previously overlooked.  Also, it was a quick read, as I managed to read the whole book in a matter of hours, or one pot of coffee, depending on how you track time.

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