Thursday, February 20, 2014

Private LA by James Patterson and Mark Sullivan

Private LA by James Patterson & Mark Sullivan, 425 pages

This is the latest in the Private series by James Patterson.  Private LA is book number six in the series.  I have to admit some of Patterson's plot complications turn out to be sick and twisted, and this was no exception. Though, the twist comes more towards the end, so the reader has to wait be shocked.  The story is full of action and suspense.  Jack Morgan, head of Private, has to find famous Hollywood couple Thom and Jennifer Harlow who along with their three children have gone missing. When the kids turn up at a mall, Jack, Justine, and the rest of his crew are left to solve the mystery of what happened to the parents.  While tracking down the couple, Jack also has to find out who is brutally killing random people in LA with the calling card No Prisoners. Each day, the killer or killers increase the number murdered by one until their huge ransom is paid.  This book does not disappoint.

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