Friday, January 10, 2014

Teardrop by Lauren Kate

Teardrop by Lauren Kate, 441 pages
(1st book in series)

So much better than the author's "Fallen" series, "Teardrop" reaches the depths of Atlantis in a sweet love story full of heartache, mystery, death, and suspense. Eureka Boudreaux is a leap year baby trying to grasp the shreds of her life and hold them together. She lost her mother in a tragic accident that left Eureka deaf on one side and filled with a world of sorrow and pain. Her attempt at suicide after her mom's death is a cry for help that her dad and stepmom can't seem to answer correctly. Eureka feels lost and alone in her small bayou town in Louisiana. Despite the unfathomable anguish she faces, Eureka never cries. She almost did once before in her life -- but then her mother slapped her soundly across the face and told her to never cry again. Since that day, Eureka hasn't. She has her two best-friends that try to help her keep the pieces of her life together -- Cat, a flirtatious and vivacious girl, and Brooks, a strong and dedicated boy. When a mysterious boy steps into her life, Eureka's life is forever changed. Armed with gifts from her mother (a locket, a stone and a book she cannot read), Eureka must seek out her destiny as a descendent of the mysterious lost city of Atlantis. The life of her loved ones and the world depends on it.
The story has its high and low points but overall was enjoyable. I look forward to reading the second book of the series.

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