Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Jacob's Oath: A Novel by Martin Fletcher

Jacob's Oath: A Novel by Martin Fletcher - 323 pages

Jacob's Oath opens with it's two main characters, Jacob Klein and Sarah Kaufmann, living out the last days of World War II.  Both Jews, Jacob has been liberated from Bergen-Belsen while Sarah emerged from her hiding place in war-torn Berlin, aided by a Russian Jewish intelligence officer named Isak Brodsky.  Both make returning home to Heidelberg their goal and they succeed.  However, once there each has to face their fears.  For Sarah, it is learning the fate of her beloved while Jacob vows to kill the local guard who murdered his brother.  In the midst of this, Jacob learns how to make money on the black market and the two survivors fall in love.  How will their new found romance affect them facing their fears?  Read and find out.  In all, I enjoyed this novel and how it portrayed events realistically.

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