Friday, July 7, 2017

Crystal Cove by Lisa Kleypas

Crystal Cove by Lisa Kleypas - 320 pages
A Friday Harbor novel

Justine has never felt the stirrings of love.  She's dreamed of it her whole life and wishes for it daily.  So she finally turns to her pagan background to cast a spell to find love and discovers that she has been cursed to never fall in love.  Justine is determined to break the curse and it turns out her true love might already be on the island . . . mysterious, game designer Jason Black.

This is the final of the Friday Harbor books.  I did not care for it as much as the others.  The characters were interesting, but the timeline seemed very forced.  It also seemed quite a departure from the other books in that it unexpectedly went into bondage without any warning.  I did like that it included book club questions in the back of the book again.

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