Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Thirst by Jo Nesbo

The Thirst: A New Harry Hole Novel by Jo Nesbǿ; translated from the Norwegian by Neil Smith --- 462 pages

The eleventh in Nesbǿ's series of police thrillers featuring his obsessive, alcoholic, self-destructive detective Harry Hole, is another tightly wrought tale of obsession and vengeance.

Harry has a new life now with the woman he loves; a new job as an instructor at the police college, training young police officers; he's climbed out of the wreckage he'd made of his life and found a fragile, precarious happiness. 

But unfortunately, a serial murderer has begun targeting women who use an online dating service called Tinder to meet men. But the killer has more in mind than just murder; he's using his victims to attract attention. And Harry begins to suspect it's his attention the killer is seeking. 

Nesbǿ is one of the best known and most popular writers of Nordic Noir. 

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