Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mother's Day Murder by Leslie Meier

Mother's Day Murder, 234 pages

I try and read all of Leslie Meier's books that I haven't read around the appropriate corresponding holiday.  So, what better time to read Mother's day Murder than at Mother's Day. Although, murder and Mother's day don't really seem like they would go together.  But, I love mysteries and I love Lucy Stone murder mysteries.  Maybe, because she is some kind of hero to me because she is a mother and worker who tries to balance everything in her life.  Sometimes, her life gets a little chaotic.  In this current book, Lucy has to find out who killed the mother of one of her daughters classmates.  Before the murder occurred, the two of the mothers had been feuding.  One was the victim and the other the suspect, but when it is revealed who the true suspects are, everyone is shocked.

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