Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Suck It, Wonder Woman! by Olivia Munn

Suck It, Wonder Woman! by Olivia Munn, 288 pages

I listened to this as an audio because I could not find it in book format.  But, I am going to try and find it as a book because supposedly there are some really good pictures in the book.

Olivia Munn has most recently been in the news for breaking up with Green Bay Packer Quarterback Aaron Rodgers after dating for 3 years.  Before that she was known for being a model and actress, appearing mostly in comedies.

Born in Oklahoma City, her father was in the military where she grew up in Japan.  Her mother was of Chinese descent but was a Vietnam refuge.

Suck it, Wonder Woman! follows Olivia as she grows up and struggles to fit in as a geeky kid who moved around a lot.  As a teen, her grandmother lived with the family and died suddenly.  Olivia blamed herself for not giving her grandmother CPR.  The book continues to follow her as she grows up and finds herself moving to Los Angeles to become a model and actress.  She was hired as a host on Cable G4's Attack of the Show.  On the show, she finds herself dressing in various costumes.  Her favorite costumes are superhero ones, but she does say one has to have a certain figure to wear these costumes.  I enjoyed listening to this audio read by the author.  It was both funny and entertaining.

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