Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Right Path by Nora Roberts

The Right Path by  Nora Roberts - 336 pages

On the first night of Morgan's vacation to Greece to visit her best friend and new husband, she is attacked while on the beach.  Turns out her "attacker" is next door neighbor and wealthy exporter Nicholas Gregoras.  What is he mixed up with?

I was quite frankly offended by this book.  The whole premise that a woman would fall in love with someone who physically attacked her, continually harassed her, and even snuck unwanted into her bed is ludicrous.  Though she repeatedly tells him no, the "hero" proceeds to push her into a relationship.  This is rather offensive.  The only reason I kept listening to it was that it fit the February romance reading challenge.  Unfortunately, it took me a couple days longer to finish than I thought it would so I didn't even meet that challenge.  I truly don't think this earlier work by Nora Roberts should have been reissued.

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