Friday, December 9, 2016

Precious and Grace by Alexander McCall Smith

Precious and Grace: The New No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Novel by Alexander McCall Smith --- 227 pages

Very few authors write about compassion and forgiveness as convincingly as Alexander McCall Smith. He has created a world that is less than perfect and a heroine who  can acknowledge those imperfections and still face life and its problems without cynicism or despair.

Whether she is dealing with a woman seeking to exorcise the ghost that mars her memories of childhood in Botswana, or extricating a naive associate from a questionable business deal, or finding a forever home for a stray dog, or gently encouraging Mma Makutsi to bury her feud with the notorious Violet Sephotho, Precious Ramotswe understands forgiveness is the only road that frees us from the dead weight of the past. The seventeenth book in the series is another gentle delight.

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