Monday, December 12, 2016

Ghost Girl by Torey L. Hayden

Ghost Girl by Torey L. Hayden - 230 pages

As a new teacher in a small Midwestern town, Torey meets eight-year-old Jadie, a child so wounded by the events in her life that she believes she is a ghost. 

A fragile, delicately balanced relationship builds between the two, but the more Torey struggles to unlock the mystery of Jadie’s pain, the more frightening Jadie’s story becomes.  The things she says to Torey, whether obscure or shockingly clear, amount to a series of clues in a real-life detective story tinged with fear and fantasy.  The more Torey learns, the more convoluted the puzzle of Jadie’s life outside school becomes.
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The child’s preoccupation with strange symbols and perverted sex acts seems to point to an interpretation even Torey is unwilling to acknowledge.  Is it possible that Jadie is a victim of ritual abuse?  Or appalling sexual abuse?  Or the tortured imaginings of a seriously disturbed child?

With her inimitable blend of compassion, insight and masterful storytelling, Torey Hayden once more shows us the power of love and the resilience of the human spirit.  Narrated with honesty and humanity, GHOST GIRL is both an insightful account of the problems of dealing with suspected child abuse and an utterly gripping psychological horror story.

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