Saturday, November 26, 2016

Kill Or Be Killed (Bookshots) by James Patterson

Kill Or Be Killed (Bookshots) by James Patterson, 446 pages (245 pages reads)

Kill or Be Killed was a compilation of four of Patterson's new short stories called Bookshots.  These short stories only take a few hours to read, so they are nice to read on the go.

The first one I read was the Heist.  The Heist was a short, quick, fast paced thriller about three thieves who set off to Amsterdam to steal diamonds.  Is there more behind the theft than just a common heist?

The second story I read was The Women's War.  Former Marine Colonel Amanda Collins and her small group of women warriors set out to avenge the death of Amanda's family.  This time writing with Shan Serafin, Patterson writes another suspenseful Bookshot.

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