Friday, October 21, 2016

The Castle of Kings by Oliver Pötzsch

The Castle of Kings: A Novel by Oliver Pötzsch; translated from the German by Anthea Bell --- 644 pages including Afterword.

The German author of the popular historical series The Hangman's Daughter, based in part on his own family history (Pötzsch is a descendant of Jakob Kusil, a famous 17th century Bavarian executioner) has written a stand-alone Quest tale, complete with mysterious talisman, strange dreams, hidden treasure, a lost heiress and a hero whose noble nature belies his low birth. But Pötzsch has grounded his romance in the horrific reality of the 16th century German Peasants Rebellion, with its roots in the Lutheran challenge to the authority of Church and Crown. A long and winding tale of young lovers who must shift heaven and earth to be together.

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