Monday, July 25, 2016

Various Picture Books

The Whale in the Swimming Pool by Joyce Wan - 32 pages
A boy discovers a whale is in his swimming pool and it won't leave.

I Broke My Trunk by Mo Willems - 57 pages
An Elephant & Piggie Book
Elephant tells Piggie how he hurt his trunk.

A Pengiun Story by Antoinette Portis - 32 pages
A penguin is certain there must be more in the world than just white, black and blue.

Don't Squish the Sasquatch! by Kent Redeker
Sasquatch rides the bus one day but the other passengers keep squishing him.

Chengdu Could Not, Would Not Fall Asleep by Barney Saltzberg - 32 pages
Chengdu the panda has trouble falling asleep until he finds the perfect spot.

President Squid by Aaron Reynolds - 32 pages
Squid knows he would make the perfect president and he tells us why.

Old Mikamba Had a Farm by Rachel Isadora - 32 pages
A variation on "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" featuring African farm animals.

Hidden Hippo by Joan Gannij - 32 pages
The narrator tries to find the hippos while on safari.

Chicken Cheeks by Michael Ian Black - 32 pages
Animals and their posteriors.

I babysat my nephews for the weekend so of course we read a lot of books together.  These are all favorite picture books of mine.

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