Friday, July 31, 2015

Last Light by Terri Blackstock

Last Light by Terri Blackstock -- 400 pages

Planes are falling, cars are halting, and phones are dead, all at the same time. Suddenly, anything that runs on electricity is dead. The city is in chaos, and it's all Doug and Deni Brenning can do to get home to where Kay is with the rest of the kids, all of them in equal panic. Is it a terrorist attack? An astronomic catastrophe? No one knows, but crime is breaking out as people are jumping into survival mode.

The family is going to have to work together and shoulder hard responsibility in order to survive, but they have split motives. Deni just wants to get back to Washington D.C. to her fiance, but there's no way to do that now. She's stuck in a tiny, hick town. Even worse, there's a murderer and thief about.

This is book 1 of the Restoration series.

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