Friday, May 22, 2015

The Liar by Nora Roberts

The Liar by Nora Roberts - 501 pages

Shelby was shocked to learn after her husband's death that nearly everything about him was a lie.  He's left her with millions in debt to repay.  He was a thief and conman.  And ultimately, they weren't even married.  So she moves back home to Tennessee to try to make a life with her daughter in her hometown and with her family.  There she meets Griff, a contractor new to town.  While she wasn't looking for romance, she just might have found it . . . along with a lot more trouble leftover from her husband's lies.

I didn't think this was Nora Robert's best book or her worst.  It was a fairly average romantic suspense novel.  I thought the big reveal at the end was pretty obvious from the start of the book -- after all if the character is a liar, why wouldn't the big reveal be a lie also.  I also thought Shelby's constant fear she would be sent to prison and that she needed to pay back all of her husband's debts was unrealistic.  If she was never actually  married to him she would not be responsible for his debt -- especially as she could prove several times that he had forged her name on documents.

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