Monday, May 4, 2015

Finding Beth by Lisa Tapp

Finding Beth by Lisa Tapp 292 pages

Standing on the banks of the James River, Rosetta listens to an impossible story from an impossible source. Ghosts aren’t real. Everyone knows that. And she’s not some psychic weirdo. But the ethereal voice persists, and one by one she discovers historical proof to support his existence and his claims. All he wants, he says, is to find his wife. They were separated by death four hundred years ago. Buried apart. He cannot stand the thought that his wife would spend eternity believing he abandoned her.
Abandonment is a bitter and personal ache in Ro’s life. Four years ago her father walked out, never to be heard from again. Now she’s willing to do anything to erase that pain for someone else. But in Jamestown, Virginia, where archeologists have been unearthing mysteries for decades, how can a sixteen-year-old hope to find what trained professionals have not?
Without revealing her source, Ro seeks help from her crush, Cade. An up-and-coming archeologist, Cade’s assistance is invaluable. But as she learns more about her ghost and his past, Ro uncovers secrets that if revealed could tear the ancient lovers apart forever. Yet her silence will be seen by Cade as a betrayal.

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