Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts

Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts - 472 pages

Little else in life is as dangerous as fire jumping. Flying past towering pillars of smoke, parachuting down to the edge of an all-consuming blaze, shoveling and sawing for hours upon hours, days at a time, all to hold the line and push back against the raw power of Mother Nature. But there's also little else as thrilling -- at least to Rowan Tripp who has been a fire jumper for several years.  But this year, the biggest danger isn't the fire, but the killer who is out for revenge for the death of fire jumper the previous year.  Now Rowan and rookie jumper Gull must team up to protect each other, fight the fires, discover the killer, and just possibly fall in love.

I listened to this on audio.  I enjoyed it.  I read it in print form when it first came out several years ago and didn't care for it.  It was better as an audio.  I still found the characterization annoying.  Gull was just a little too perfect - he had no flaws whatsoever.  I also thought it was a little too obvious who the killer was.  But still, it was a fun listen.

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