Monday, March 16, 2015

Presidential Misadventures by Bob Raczka

Presidential Misadventures, Poems that poke fun at the man in charge by Bob Raczka, 44 pages

This was a hilarious book that makes fun of our current and previous presidents (all in fun of course)!

The Clerihew is a simple poetic form that makes fun of famous people. Edmund Clerihew Bentley invented this form of poetry while he was a 16 year old student in London. The first line of the poem contains the famous person's name, and the second line, which rhymes with the first, is usually something absurd related to that person.  The final two lines also rhyme.

This book has great illustrations and humorous and educational poems about all the Presidents of the United States.  The poems are quite funny and even though this a children's book, adults will enjoy it as well.  My favorites were the one about George Washington and Bill Clinton.  If you get a chance, check out this book, and then try writing a Clerihew yourself!!

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