Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rise of the Huntress by Joseph Delaney

The Last Apprentice
Rise of the Huntress
By Joseph Delaney
Book 7
436 pages

The Spook, Tom and Alice return from Greece to find the County under siege and the Spook's home burnt to the ground. With his precious library of knowledge destroyed, they seek refuge on the nearby island of Mona. But Mona is controlled by a twisted Shaman and a more deadly enemy emerges....Bony Lizzie, freshly escaped from the Spook's bonds. She has harnessed the services of a tunnel-dwelling buggane. With the buggane as her secret weapon can she become an all powerful witch queen?

I am enjoying the adventures of Tom Ward, apprentice to the Spook , and Alice his witch friend. Each book brings a new denizen from the dark that challenges their trust in each other and their ability to rise above each situation.

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