Monday, July 14, 2014

Planet Hulk by Greg Pak

Planet Hulk by Greg Pak, 416 pages

In a world ravaged by the Incredible Hulk, the only solution is to launch him into space towards a distant planet.  Well, at least that's what was decided in the Marvel universe.  After causing more harm than good, the Hulk is launched into space to an uninhabited planet where he can smash and frolic to his hearts content.  All was well and good, except for the fact that the Hulk got sucked into a space vortex, transporting him to a planet ruled by totalitarian emperor (man, I hate it when that happens).  So the Hulk does what any sensible person would do, become a champion gladiator, inspire a rebellion, and try to topple the emperor and establish a more free and unified government.

Overall, the story was good.  Anyone who is even remotely familiar with the Hulk's story should give this a shot.  I mean, the dialogue alone is worthy to challenge the likes of Shakespeare.  Plus, it's available at your local friendly neighborhood library.

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