Monday, July 28, 2014

Pandora Hearts, by Jun Mochizuki

Pandora Hearts, by Jun Mochizuki, 576 pages
v.1 -192 pages
v.2 - 192 pages
v3. - 192 pages

I'm a little lost having read only the first three mangas of this series. Oz Vessalius is somehow transported to the abyss by a secret organization for the sin of being born. Oz's mother was murdered and his father wants nothing to do with his son even going so far as to say he wished his son was never born. Oz's servant, Gil is loyal to his master to a fault. When Oz is banished to the abyss, he returns 10 years later to find much has changed. With him is Alice, a chain that he has contracted with in order to exact revenge on those who hurt him, discover what his sin was and also find all of Alice's lost memories. With so much going on, it's hard to keep everything straight, but it appears that the mangas are all Oz's memories of what has already happened ... and he's just reminiscing.

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