Friday, June 13, 2014

The Princess of Cortova by Diane Stanley

The Princess of Cortova by Diane Stanley, 311 pages
(Final book in The Silver Bowl trilogy)

Desperate to ally his kingdom to the trade kingdom of Cortova, King Alaric takes the silver cup that Molly had made in the previous book to present to the beautiful Princess Elizabetta. With magic woven into the cup, when the princess drinks from it she will fall instantly in love with King Alaric for life.
Princess Elizabetta has been wedded and widowed once, and watched her fiance, his sister and his parents be torn apart by magical wolves on their wedding day with only Prince Alaric escaping. She's had enough of being the bartering chip for her father and would love nothing more than to stay in her beloved Cortova and rule it as queen instead of her odd brother who is the heir. She also wishes to marry for love if she must wed at all. Molly is unsure of Princess Elizabetta's attentions towards herself and Alaric...  and wonders exactly what the princess has planned for her two suitors.
King Gonzalo of Cortova has different plans for his daughter. He invites the two warring relatives, King Alaric and King Reynard, to compete for his daughter's hand in marriage. Tensions quickly rise as it becomes all too apparent that someone is trying to assassinate King Alaric. Molly's gift is on haywire, however, and death lies in wait for many before it's all over. A fitting conclusion to a good trilogy, although one particular death was too tragic for young readers.

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