Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Stronger by Jeff Bauman with Bret Witter

Stronger by Jeff Bauman with Bret Witter, 244 pages

Stronger is about Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman.  Probably the most famous photo from the day of the bombing is of Jeff being pushed in a wheelchair by Carlos Arredondo.  In the picture, on the internet, his legs are blown off from below the knees because the bomb was detonated from the ground.
April 15, 2013 changed Jeff's life forever.  Jeff went to the Boston Marathon to watch his girlfriend, Erin,  run as part of an effort to raise money for charity.  Jeff was at the finish line when the first bomb went off.  He eerily describes how he was face to face with the bomber and saw the backpack.  While Jeff was being rushed to the hospital, he was trying to let people know he saw the bomber.  This book details Jeff's life before and after the bombing and how he has to learn to live again without his legs.  Both his mom and girlfriend, as well as many other family members, and Costco played an integral part in his recovery.  Jeff describes the physical, as well as emotional pain of his ordeal.  Jeff Bauman has become an inspiration not only to Boston, but to all of America.

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