Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Old Man Logan by Mark Millar

Old Man Logan by Mark Millar, 224 pages

Old Man Logan tells the story of former X-Man Wolverine as he lives in a post-apocalyptic U.S. in which the country is ruled by various super villains and and where super heroes are no more.  Picking up roughly 50 years after the world's super villains, who vastly outnumbered the heroes, took over, Wolverine survived where others died simply due to the fact that Wolverine is awesome...and his healing factor, let's not forget that.  Anyway, Wolverine, now going by his true name, is contacted by Hawkeye, now blind but still able to kick butt, who has an escort job for Logan, who is in desperate need for money to pay the Hulk family and not die.  The job is simple: drive Hawkeye from the west coast, ruled by the Hulk's inbred family, across the country through King Pen's and Dr. Doom's regions, to the east cost ruled by the new president, the Red Skull.  Simple, right?

So yeah, obviously this was a graphic novel, and even more obvious it was great.  I loved seeing Wolverine try to contain his rage, and I especially loved the redneck Hulks, trucker caps, trailer park, and all.  I would really have loved to see more back story towards the Hulks, but the story was awesome nonetheless.

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