Monday, June 30, 2014

Black Butler (Manga) by Yana Toboso

Black Butler (Manga) by Yana Toboso, 704 pages
v. 5 - 176 pages  - Introduces Prince Soma and his butler Agni. Earl Ciel Phantomhive has Sebastian enter a curry contest to win the Royal Warrant and foil the plan of an ambitious business owner who will stop at nothing to get what he desires... including blackmailing the prince's own butler.
v. 6 -176 pages - Children are disappearing without a trace. The trail seems to follow the circuit of Noah's Ark Traveling Circus. What better way to infiltrate than to become a part of the circus act?
v. 7 -176 pages - Having successfully infiltrated the circus, Ciel and Sebastian must now discover what sinister plots lurk under the big top. Most especially why there is a letter written with Ciel's name and birth date on it.
v. 8 -176 pages - Uncovering the secrets held inside an estate, Ciel faces a living nightmare from his past. While Ciel and Sebastian are battling away from the Phantomhive manor, the servants of Phantomhive will have to protect Ciel's home from invasion. As the chapter closes on Noah's Ark, yet another case awaits for the Queen's Watchdog.

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