Thursday, June 26, 2014

Black Butler (Manga) by Yana Toboso

Black Butler (Manga) by Yana Toboso , 768 pages
V1 - 192 pages , V2 -192 pages, V3 - 192 pages, V4 - 192 pages

12 year old Earl Ciel Phantomhive became head of his family when his mother and father where murdered and the family home burned in flames. Ciel was kidnapped (we later find) and comes back later with a black clad butler who seems to know Ciel's every thought and need. All of the characters of the book love Sebastian for the most part and think he's the most amazing butler around -- capable of doing some truly magnificent feats. The manga has side notes and flashbacks that gradually fill in the blanks of what happened to Ciel and his family and why he contracted with a demon to exact revenge on those who hurt his family and humiliated him. Throughout the manga, Ciel and his extraordinary butler work together to solve various mysteries plaguing the "Great Empire of Queen Victoria"  -- especially the streets of London -- while at the same time gathering information about who ordered the murder of his parents and then Ciel's kidnapping. Ciel's family has always been the Queen's Watchdog and when he returns to his family's home, he resumes the duties of his father. Ciel is also the shrewd owner of a toy company and various other Phantomhive businesses as the books progress. The characters are well done and the story lines draw you in. I would say it's the manga is dark humor for the most part, but tastefully done.

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