Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Perfect Lies by Kiersten White

Perfect Lies by Kiersten White, 232 pages
Book 2 in "Mind Games" series

The Keane Foundation had used and abused Fia and Annie's abilities for their own evil purposes for years. Fia has perfect instincts and Annie can see the future. To save her sister, Fia faked Annie's murder and returned to James Keane's arms to help bring down his father's wicked foundation from the inside. Meanwhile Annie is with a new organization also intent on freeing the trapped girls and destroying the Keane Foundation. Strangely enough, the sisters are finding their powers aren't as strong or reliable when they are apart. They will do whatever it takes to reunite and put the past firmly behind them. This book, like the first in the series, jumps around in time and from different perspectives. You feel almost as if you have a split personality. The chaos of the chapters adds to the intrigue of the story.

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