Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Love Life by Rob Lowe

Love Life by Rob Lowe, 259 pages

Love Life is Rob Lowe's second book.  When I read the title, I was not sure if this book would be about his love life or if he was writing a book about loving life.  I realized it was about the latter. Love Life is a good book, but for some reason,  it took me a while to get into.  I am not a big Rob Lowe fan and that could be why. Though, who can resist his gorgeous face on the cover.  I was also a little disappointed that there were no color photos included, just black and white shots. Love Life is mainly about his recent years and not much so about past love affairs. He does write about some of his recent acting jobs and a previous trip to the Playboy Mansion.  There is also a funny story about spending the night at Sea World on one of son's field trip.  He also writes with love for his wife and sons and the experience of sending his first son off to college.  If you are a Rob Lowe fan, you will love this book.  The message I took away from this book is to love your life!!

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