Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Library Wars by Kirro Yumi

Library Wars by Kirro Yumi, 2176 total pages
book 1 - 200pgs, bk 2 - 192, bk 3 - 200pgs, bk 4 - 200pgs, bk 5 - 200pgs, bk 6 - 200pgs, bk 7 - 200pgs, bk 8 -200 pgs, bk 9 - 192 pgs, bk 10 - 200 pgs, bk 11 - 192pgs

The federal government has taken censorship to an all new level. Any book, magazine or publication that has anything the government has deemed "unacceptable" is promptly banned and, if attained, destroyed. Society became complacent and allowed the extreme censorship to take place. Now, to protect the collections of libraries, the Library Force has been created. When Iku Kasahara is rescued by a Library Force member during a government raid at the bookstore, she is quick to fall for her mystery hero and wants to be just like him. When she is old enough, she enrolls in the Library Force and learns the ins and outs of protecting the freedoms of libraries and museums. Each volume takes you through her training, her attraction to her instructor and each team member she interacts with as she brings justice to the libraries. The books quickly got addicting. They are fast paced, well scripted and perfectly illustrated. The story is on-going so you can't just pick up anywhere in the series and know what's going on. Each book builds on the next. Content is appropriate for older teens as there is violence and social issues mentioned that might be a bit much for younger readers. The treatment of women in the stories is definitely questionable. They are often placed in stereotypical roles and usually lower than men. 

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