Friday, May 30, 2014

A Posse of Princesses by Sherwood Smith

A Posse of Princesses by Sherwood Smith, 300 pages

Sixteen year old, Rhis, has not left her tiny but wealthy kingdom of Nym. Due to the "dullness" of life in Nym, Rhis has taken up composing and playing songs and ballads of daring deeds, romance and handsome princes. So when an invite comes to celebrate the crowned prince of Vesarja, Rhis jumps at the chance to attend. She, like the other princesses, quickly falls for the handsome Prince Lios and hopes for a chance at love/happiness with him -- just like her songs. However, songs do not always equal reality, as Rhis quickly realizes. With unhappy friends, a lie, an annoyingly perfect Princess Iardith, and a kidnapping, Rhis's life is chaotic. Toss in magic and you have a great story for young girls. 

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