Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Lonely Library by Kristin Ostby

The Lonely Library by Kristin Ostby, 32 pages

I love this book!  I loved the fact you could put on someone else's shoes and be transported somewhere else!  This book is based on the PBS show Franny's Feet. Franny Fantootsie (cute name) visits her Grandfather's shoe repair shop.  Oh no, the librarian needs her shoes fixed.  The librarian's shoes takes her to the library. Franny is transported to the biggest library with gazillions of books.  She meets Henry Mouse and Sally Cat. When it is time to leave, she ends up back at her grandfather's shoe store.  A blue bookmark flutters out of one of the shoes. Another treasure for Franny.  What an adventure she has had!  Where will her feet take her next time?

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