Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Betting the Rainbow by Jodi Thomas

Betting the Rainbow by Jodi Thomas-294 pages

This is the the much anticipated seventh book in the Harmony series.  In this one we meet several new characters..and are reunited with old ones.  Reagan Truman has settled in to make a go of her uncles apple farm.  Her life would be perfect if only her boyfriend Noah McAllister would put his rodeo days behind him.  But when a bombshell is dropped on her doorstep she begins to wonder how many other lies he has told her and convinces herself to never allow him back into her heart.  She is sponsoring a poker tournament to benefit the local when Dusti Delaney finds out that there is a big purse involved she enlists her childhood friend Kieron O'Brian to teach her the game.  By the time the tournament is over she has learned much more than poker from Kieron O'Brian!  Then we meet up again with loner Ronny Logan..who is settling into a secluded cabin..refusing to get attached to anyone when Austin Hawk crosses her path one too many times.  Jodi Thomas does not disappoint her loyal readers again.

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