Thursday, February 13, 2014

Crossing Midnight, v 1, by Mike Carey

 Crossing Midnight, Vol. 1: Cut Here Crossing Midnight, v 1, by Mike Carey, 128 pages

Initially, I thought this was going to be a work of Japanese comic art- but it's actually Mike Carey, of Unwritten fame, doing a sort of homage to Japanese horror comics.  The premise is thus: two twins are born, one before midnight, the other a moment after.  Weird things happen to them, but when they are in high school, a man comes to them in the middle of the night, intent upon taking one of the twins.  It is up to the other twin to figure out why he wants her and how to stop him.  There are definitely horror and fantasy elements here- and if you don't want to see a fairly gruesome scene with a cute shiba inu, don't even bother starting the book.  It was alright, but nothing exceptional.

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